Reaching at the community of Tersefanou from Kiti village will see on our right a small green area and further down the big park is sited which is dedicated to the community's missing persons.

Moving towards the center of the village, on our left the primary school and public kindergarten are to be found. .Arriving in the small square on our right we can see the cultural organization of Tersefanou. On our left are the churches of Agia Marina and Agios Nektarios (more information regarding the churches can be found in the relevant page). Next to the churches is the Community Council's office.

Moving on, on our right is the house of Nationalists Societies and the ancient monument of Havouzas. Across the street of the monument is the branch of the Cooperative Credit Company. Continuing our wanderings in the village towards west, we will find the second Havouza and after that the last "Lagoumi" . Last Lagoumi is where, in the ancient years, the water was originally gathered before it was transferred to the Havouzas , from where people used to take the water for their daily needs.

Further west we will find the Community Football Stadium.

From the center of the village towards the north we find the small church of St. Dimitrianos.

All around the traditional core of the village there are several areas such as self-help refugee estates, houses that were given to underprivileged families from the government and also various private housing estates.


The text was written by the Community Council of Tersefanou