1. Active participation in the configuration of growth of the region. First objective of Community council is the rational growth that will serve also the interests of residents of the community

2. Complete public briefing of the residents.

3. Continuation the effort for modernization of the road network of the community. Claim for the creation of deviation of street for the trucks.

4. Paving the village and repair the facade of the building in the center of the community.

5. Continually effort for the tree planting and extension of the green areas of the village.

6. Repair the space around the coffee shop.

7. Creation of permanent committee for cultural events of the village with the participation of intellectual persons, youth and organizations.

8. Working with the Organism of Youth Cyprus, the Community library will be enriched and rendered functional.

9. Creation of Community athletic facilities which will include also grounds for mini football.

10. Publishing a form of communication with the residents of the village that will distribute free of charge.


The content was prepared by the Community Council of Tersefanou.