2 ½ kilometers north-easterly of the village is found the church of Saint Georgiou (Arperas). Is a church with dimensions 13, 10 m X 5, 17 without the arch that is internally like a half circle (imikykliki) and externally with 3 sites (tripleyri) with a window. Three doors, to the westerner, to the northerner and to the southern wall lead to the church. One still small door is found in western side of the northern wall where it leads also into the church. The church was build by Konstantinos (Christofaki) in 1745. The construction of temple it reports sign that accompanies the mural in which (Christofakis) and his family offers the church in Saint (Georgio). Under the mural they pictured Saint Simeon the Stylite and Saint (Tryfonas). In the northern wall, east from the eastern window they is a picture of Apostle Petros (Peter) and Saint Georgios (George) that was painted by the known painter Filareto in 1747. Opposite this two murals, in the southern wall, are painted the Apostle Pavlos and the Archangel Michail.

At the end of the Intention (πρόθεση) inside the temple I painted the Utmost Humiliation with the sign "the Unnailing" (αποκαθήλωση). Above the Intention is painted the sacrifice of Abraam. Into the right of the Intention is painted Saint Stefanos.

These murals are work of the painters Filaretoy and Layrentioy, as it mentions on the relative sign at the left of the Intention.

In this sign are entered the names of the living and the dead of the family of Christofaki in order to cited by the priests in the Intention (Proskomidi).

The chancel screen and the pictures were made by Christofaki. The pictures of apostles were made with expense of Archbishop Kitiou Meletiou in 1785.

In 1745 the pictures of Christ, Virgin Mary, Precursor, Evangelist Ioannis, Saint Andronikou and Immortality and also Saint Georgiou] and Christoforou of Kynokefalou were pictured. The last one brings the signature of the painter Ioannikiou and the year 1745.


The text was written by the Community Council of Tersefanou