Given the very good climate of the region and the short distance of the community from the town of Larnaca, the airport and the sea there is a great development in the community.

The large increase in population and demands for a better quality of life has led to the development of the community. The different growth sectors of the community can be found below.

Residential Development

In recent years there has been a large residential development in the village. Old houses in the traditional core of the village have been repaired and maintained by their owners as a result the town center has become even more beautiful. Apart from the refugee settlement and self-help housing plots, several residential complexes mainly apartments featuring all modern amenities have been created. All these have created new needs for the local and foreigners' residents of the community, so the council is now planning the creation of industrial and craft areas as well the rehabilitation / paving of the traditional core of the village.

Rehabilitation /Paving traditional core of the community

It promotes the regeneration of the traditional core of the village in order to maintain the old village image and also support the growth that has been seen in recent years in the community.

Industrial Development

On the west side of the village, the industrial zone is been promoted.


The large Havouza" (right picture)that is located just above the central square was built in 1905 and in early years was getting the water from the well located in the village square.

In 1920 after a vision of a woman named Christina, water was found in the area where the ancient Lagoumi (burrow) is. That is when a second Havouza was built just across the Lagoumi and since then the 2 Havouzes were fed by water from the Lagoumi.

Kiones and Kionokrana

At the courtyard of the churches of Agia Marina and Agios Nektarios are scattered in various places, severa columns and capitals dating to the early Christian years in the 5th century.

They are probably from the ancient basilica which was in the area but got destroyed.

In the village there is an archaeological site of prehistoric times.

The text was written by the Community Council of Tersefanou