1. Building a new complex for the Community Council with cultural and conference rooms.

2. Creation of a park in memory of the missing persons.

3. Restoration of the havouzas in the village and their appointment in monuments.

4. Finishing of the general flood-preventing work.

5. Opening a new coffee shop and commercial shops in the settlement.

6. Extension of the built-up area.

7. Creation of plots which was given in pauper families

8. Grass-fed the community playground.

9. Covering with asphalt the road that links the community with Limassol.

10. Widening and coating with premix the main road of Tersefanoy-Kitioy.

11. Streets were build that connects the community in all directions.

12. All rural streets were improved.

13. Decoration changes have being made at the entry of the village with pavement and tree planning.

14. Creation of veterinary surgeon region.

15. Placement of roads sings and numbers through the community.

16. Keeping the community proper and clean in a daily base.

17. Build pavement through the build up arrears of the community.

18. The offices of Community council remain continuously open for the service to the residents of the community after the engagement of Community employee.

19. Continuation of an achieved effort of extension the built-up areas.

20. Segregation of new plots for less unfortunate families and young couples.

21. The municipal school of the village will acquire field ground, stands, amphitheatre, technology room, seminar room for schoolteachers, canteen and will be maintained in general.

22. Creation of new public kindergarten.


The content was prepared by the Community Council of Tersefanou.