Water Tank

The large water tank (Havouza), which is located just above the central square of the village, was built in 1905 and in the first years it was supplied with water by the well located at the square of the village.

In 1920, a woman named Christina dreamed the existence of an underground water channel and this led to the discovery of water in the area of the ancient underground channel, which in turn resulted in the construction of the second water tank. Since then, the two water tanks have been supplied with water by the channel.

Columns and column capitals

Scattered around the sites surrounding the churches of Agia Marina and Agios Nectarios are several columns and column capitals which are dated back to the early Christian years and more specifically to the 5th century, while according to estimations they probably originate from an ancient royal church which used to be located in the area before it was ruined. 

In the area, there is also an archaeological site dated back to the prehistoric period.


The text was written by the Community Council of Tersefanou.